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Wedge Template by Fons & Porter


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WEDGE TEMPLATE INSTRUCTIONS: Align bottom of template along bottom cut edgoe of your strip. Place cutting line for right half along left edge of rectangle. Cut one half wedge-turn template to cut second half wedge-as in Right Half Cutting Diagrams. You will cut two half wedges from each rectangle. *Repeat above steps to cut left half wedges Left Half Cutting Diagrams.INSTRUCTIONS FOR FULL WEDGE TEMPLATE SHAPES: *Cut strip of fabric desired width for wedge size. Strip will be 1/2 inch larger than finished height of wedge. For example-if you want a 6-inch tall wedge-cut a 6-1/2 inch wide strip. *Starting from left side-align bottom of template at the bottom cut edge of your strip (Diagram A). Line marked with desired finished size will be aligned with top of strip. *Trim left side- then right side of wedge. For next cut-rotate template so that bottom edge is aligned with top edge of strip and cut wedge (Diagram B). *Continue in this manner to cut desired number of wedges (Diagram C). INSTRUCTIONS FOR HALF WEDGE TEMPLATE SHAPES: *Cut rectangle in size shown in chart shown here for desired finished height (Half Wedge Cutting Diagram).